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Helping brands
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Think about the brand life cycle
with evolutionary thinking

PithyMfweb, is a creative enterprise

Around the "Pithy" core concept,Help enterprises to plan and analyze the brand display direction , focus on the core positioning of the brand, starting from the official website design of commercial brands  Combined brand  Content planning、Visual communication、Digital marketing Create a complete brand visual output ecology

To help enterprises focus on the core competitiveness of the brand to obtain results

We are a creative enterprise that revolves around

the core concept of "Pithy" to help build a complete brand

visual ecosystem, thereby helping enterprises focus on brand

core competitiveness and achieve results.

2014 Mufeng Network was established
In 2014, Internet vision has been paid attention to by more and more enterprises, and visual-oriented websites have become a stepping stone for many enterprises to spread on the Internet. Mufeng Network "was established, its desire is to" create a brand in the Internet circulation ecology ". At the same time, to "help customers get results" as the mission, starting from the website brand vision, gradually planning. In the beginning, there were four people, all of whom were post-90s with active thinking.

Standard, professional ultimate service process

Hedgehog Planet aicol.chat is online

2015 Try 0 to 1 for a breakthrough
In 2015, the development of MF was not smooth sailing, and we entered an industry that had already been the Red Sea. As a college student, I have no resources and contacts, so I can only try various ways to expand my business. We try traditional marketing models such as sweeping houses, selling electricity, and sending leaflets at job fairs. The process is difficult, but fortunately, we know how to reflect and persevere enough! Instead of traditional thinking, MF is trying to make its services online

Accumulated customers 30+

Try to go online

In 2016, we started to move towards branding and online again
In 2016, we set the brand positioning of "Pithy" and launched the mfdemo.com website platform. At that time, the template level on the market was still in the stage of old-fashioned dede Zhimeng and so on. We designed hundreds of high-quality websites for online customers to choose from. With the price of the template, we can make tens of thousands of customized websites, which greatly increases the conversion rate of our online customers. In the second half of 2016, Mufeng joined Zhubajie and began to layout the traffic operation of various platforms.

mfdemo website platform online

Settle in Pig Bajie

Customers exceeded 100+

Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CCTV America in China

"PithyMf" brand was established and began to layout traffic operations on various platforms

2017 Complete transformation and rapid growth
MF had a rough ride in 2017 Within a year, MF quickly became the first website construction service provider in Zhejiang (like many platform sellers, we enjoyed the dividend period of platform traffic). In the same year, MF Cool station went online, Mufeng construction station platform 2.0 went online, and professional output was carried out around professional fields. Further increase online conversion rate Through online operations we started to have more and more high-quality customer cases

"PithyMf" brand was established and began to layout traffic operations on various platforms

Move into new premises

Customers exceeded 200+

2018 Comprehensively optimize internal management and service improvement
Due to the rapid growth of enterprise online inquiry and the continuous increase in the number of customers, MF began to pay more attention to the internal management of the enterprise and the improvement of service quality. The acceleration of online will also force the enterprise to realize digital management. In 2018, MF tailor-made the development of online inquiry management system, customer management system, customer evaluation system and salary settlement system. Use data to evaluate everything from operations to sales to service. We believe that in the Internet era, information is more transparent, and internal cultivation is more sustainable.

Won the Zhubajie network construction service provider in Zhejiang Province first title

Customers exceeded 500+ 100% praise of the whole network

MFWEB 'SHARING Cool site sharing online

mfsunny.com officially launched

Crm customer management system online

Start looking for the second survival curve in 2019
MF began to enter the period of real profitability, but also aware of the sense of crisis. The cost of customer acquisition of the platform began to rise gradually, we do not have our own traffic pool, if the enterprise has been relying on the traffic of third-party platforms, it will eventually be bound by the platform, or fall into the internal volume. MF began to invest a lot of costs to develop seo search alarm keyword ranking system, build designer navigation, MF material library, improve their traffic acquisition ability and retention ability.

MFD designer navigation online

MFCC custom station case library online

MFPIC material library online

Customers exceeded 900+ 100% praise of the whole network

SEO keywords AI robot project started

2020 Introduction of okr for full digitization
MF as a typical B2B service industry, facing the increasingly severe market pressure in China, Mufeng began to focus on promoting in three directions, extremely simplified/globalized/digitized 2020 Mufeng began through the combination of OKR and enterprise digital screen, we continue to comb the process to emphasize the process, optimize and stimulate the professional ability and creativity of enterprises. To train talents for the three directions of our system.

Start using OKR and digital screen to manage your business

Self-developed customer management crm system, sales system, customer evaluation system

Layout of overseas traffic

Customers exceeded 1500

2021 Build product matrix through independent acquisition of natural traffic
In 2021, the B-side customer inquiry cost provided by the platform increased sharply; Through three years of continuous investment, Mufeng achieved stable customer acquisition through search engine traffic, no longer relying on third-party traffic resources, MF has achieved better development. In early 2021, the MFokt digital screen was officially launched, and in May 2021, the planning for the cross-border independent station project MFSHOP began.

Launch mfshop project

SEO AI robot online

Customers exceeded 2000+

2022 Content, traffic, operations
MF set up a separate project department, focusing on Google SEO SEM social media operations, focusing on digital marketing services, and establishing a professional content output Mufeng think tank to help enterprises operate for a long time. Its core is for the better development of enterprises, to help enterprises build brands across the cycle, and through the search engine to obtain global customer inquiries to streamline the business section to "commercial brand official website construction" and "digital marketing" two services, committed to becoming a global high-quality innovative enterprises

PithyMfGlobal- Digital marketing

MF Think Tank

2023 SOP process standardization
Build a complete brand visual ecosystem from site construction + branding + digitalization +ai assistance We PithyMf in 2023 comprehensive systematic operation, through the standardization and professional service process, combined with the supporting product system, strive to achieve the ultimate service, to bring customers professional, efficient, high-quality service experience At the same time, the Ai Hedgehog Planet is launched to help enterprise Ai intelligent office, to serve as an enterprise customer service system externally, to build an enterprise knowledge base internally, to create an enterprise Internet +ai ecosystem, and to combine ai with brand promotion and enterprise management

Standard, professional ultimate service process

Hedgehog Planet aicol.chat is online

The road is simple, the simplicity of the extreme
is called "Pithy"