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PithyMfweb brand official website -- 2.0

Brand official website construction

visual design

brand iteration upgrade

Since its establishment, it has provided professional services for many top 500 enterprises and leading enterprises such as Huawei, Decathlon, Beijing Shougang, Jinsha Wine, Sainyu Optics, etc.

Advocate for minimalist business brands, emphasizing strategy and creativity

Jijian Mufeng is a creative enterprise

Assist enterprises in comprehensively planning and analyzing brand display directions around the core concept of "minimalism"

Focusing on brand core positioning, starting from the design of commercial brand official websites

Combining brand content planning, visual communication, and digital marketing to create a complete brand visual output ecosystem

So as to help enterprises focus on brand core competitiveness and achieve results

Project story

PithyMfweb brand official website -- 2.0

Brand official website construction

visual design

brand iteration upgrade


Shortest user path & rich visual experience
In the face of numerous existing information publishing platforms, we hope to create a mobile webpage with visual memory and high-quality user experience on the basis of combining the basic needs of customers.
Differentiated design is made in many mobile media release web pages, combining the familiar news browsing experience of users with more convenient, faster and richer design.
· Delicate, rich and rigorous in visual perception;
· From the logical structure, with the help of fast classification, users can quickly land the corresponding content at multiple levels;
· Convenient, fast and focused user experience.


PithyMfweb focuses on brand visual ecological design, adhering to the brand concept of "Pithy", exploring the brand visual ecological marketing model of minimalist strategy, minimalist vision and minimalist communication, and studying the comprehensive brand digital design from the brand official website to the brand visual ecology of the whole case. In the era of information explosion, how we use the simplest and most direct way to convey information to our customers is our research direction.


Creative Director: Guan Guan Galya
Project management:jiahao zhao
UI:yi jiang、Jin
Dynamic design:Mengyang
Development:Development team
Release time:Sep. 2023


Golden 15 seconds - User shortest path
Peak experience - Brand visual highlight
Evolution -- Return to the essential value of brand

Unique value - excavating and giving the brand the unique value of the complete system

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